Evaluation and prognosis of patients with SnapshotNIR

Doctors Wendy Young, Michael An, and Samantha Dunn are Foot and Ankle Specialists associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs of Northport New York and Stonybrook University Hospital.

The team is investigating the potential uses of the SnapshotNIR near infrared spectroscopy camera within their podiatric clinics in the evaluation and progrnosis of their patients.

Dr. Wendy Young is the podiatric Residency Director of Department f Veterns Affairs of Northport New York and Stonybrook University Hospital. Doctor An and Doctor Dunn are both first year podiatry residents.

Kent Imaging and SerenaGroup® Research Foundation awarded prestigious AICE grant

September 22, 2020. Kent Imaging and SerenaGroup® Research Foundation, have received the prestigious Accelerating Innovations into Care (AICE)Market Access grant from Alberta Innovates, a research and innovation agency sponsored by the province of Alberta, Canada. AICE supports companies in commercializing innovative digital health technologies. The award will fund clinical trials investigating the novel diagnostic technology developed by Kent Imaging utilizing near infrared spectroscopy (SnapshotNIR). Kent has partnered with SerenaGroup® Research Foundation to conduct this pivotal research.

Near infrared spectroscopy measures oxygen levels in tissue in real time without the need for injected dyes or invasive probes.  SnapshotNIR captures the image without patient contact. The colors displayed on the screen correspond to the degree of tissue oxygenation:  blue represents low oxygen levels and red represents high.  At present, advanced wound and hyperbaric centers use transcutaneous oxygen (TCOM) to measure oxygenation; however, TCOM has numerous drawbacks: the results are operator dependent, it requires heated leads that are attached to the skin and the procedure takes an hour to complete.

The AICE grant will fund a multicenter head-to-head clinical trial comparing SnapshotNIR to TCOM. In addition, correlation between the SnapshotNIR readings and healing outcomes will allow the investigators to predict the best interventions for patients with diminished oxygenation. “Health innovators often face headwinds in generating the evidence necessary for implementing new solutions. The data generated in this trial will accelerate the path to impact for SnapshotNIR, and is fully aligned with our digital health strategy,” shared Tim Murphy, VP Health at Alberta Innovates.

“This new technology from Kent Imaging will allow clinicians to rapidly assess tissue oxygenation in patients with chronic wounds, which will avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment,” said Dr. Tomas Serena, Director of the SerenaGroup® Research Foundation. “I believe that SnapshotNIR will play a key role in limb preservation in our diabetic patients, allowing woundologists to identify the patients who will benefit from advanced modalities such as for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.”

“We are very excited to be working with Dr. Tomas Serena and the SerenaGroup® Research Foundation to establish definitively the value of SnapshotNIR in the prediction of wound healing. Kent Imaging’s goal is to provide innovative technology that helps physicians to heal wounds, improve outcomes and significantly reduce amputations. This study will take us a long way towards meeting this goal,” said Pierre Lemire, CEO at Kent Imaging. “We also want to acknowledge the ongoing support of the Alberta Government in bringing this paradigm changing technology to market.”

About Kent Imaging

Kent Imaging Inc., a Canadian company located in Calgary, Alberta, and leading innovator in oxygenation imaging, designs and manufactures imaging technology that employs near infrared spectroscopy to measure tissue oxygen saturation. The oxygenation information provides immediate insight into tissue viability supporting real-time decision making in wound care, vascular and surgical specialties to aid in the delivery of positive patient outcomes throughout the care continuum.  For more information about Kent Imaging, visit www.kentimaging.com.

About SerenaGroup® Research Foundation

The SerenaGroup® Research Foundation, a leader in wound healing research, conducts eight to nine clinical trials each year and publishes a dozen manuscripts annually. Dr. Serena has been the lead or Principal Investigator in over 100 clinical trials, including gene therapy, dressings, growth factors, topical and parenteral antibiotics, and CTP therapy.  His team has led the development of diagnostic imaging and biomarkers in the field of wound healing.  

About Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates invests in research, innovation and entrepreneurship to drive provincial economic growth and diversity. We ignite the power of innovation through our work with researchers, industry and entrepreneurs to move Alberta to a lower-carbon future, enhance the responsible use of land and water, and contribute to the improved health and well-being of Albertans.

Will Siewert Appointed Kent Imaging’s Vice President, Sales for the US Market

September 8, 2020. Kent Imaging announced today the appointment of Will Siewert as Vice President of Sales, USA.

Will Siewert is a multi-award winning strategic sales executive with nearly two decades of medical device experience, including commercial launches for perfusion assessment technologies of Spy, Luna, and Pinpoint. Prior to joining Kent Imaging in 2017 as the Sales Director, Mr. Siewert had roles as trainer and sales leader within multiple organizations including Lifecell, Karl Storz and Covidien. At Kent, Mr. Siewert is responsible for sales of the Snapshot product line, primarily in the reconstructive surgical and limb salvage markets, in the USA.

About Kent Imaging Inc.

Kent Imaging, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a leading developer of medical technology, who designs, manufactures and markets imaging technology for wound and surgical care. Kent holds multiple patents in medical technology and continues to provide innovative and advanced diagnostic imaging solutions to aid healthcare systems nationally and internationally. For more information about Kent Imaging, visit www.kentimaging.com.

New and novel methods of non-invasive vascular assessment: enhancing triage protocols in wound healing and limb salvage

This CE/CME/CECH webinar presented by Dr. Richard Neville, MD (Director, Inova Vascular) and moderated by Dr. Lee Rogers, DPM (Chief Medical Officer at Amputation Prevention Experts (APEx) Health Network), is supported through an unrestricted educational grant from Kent Imaging. A recording of the webinar will reside on the podiatry.com website for 12 months following the live event. Register now for what is sure to be an intriguing topic in the management of critical limb ischemia.

Dr. John Harper, Senior Medical Scientist at 3M Healthcare, joins Board at Kent Imaging

January 27, 2020. Kent Imaging announced today the addition of Dr. John Harper, Ph.D. to its Board of Directors and welcomes him as an investor in the organization. His addition to the board complements and strengthens its existing directors’ expertise in business, medicine and marketing by adding advanced product strategies and strong industry connections. 

“We are extraordinarily pleased with the addition of Dr. Harper to the Board of Directors and are honored to have him on the team” comments Don Chapman, Founder and Chairman of the Board at Kent Imaging. “He will contribute a wealth of knowledge, strategic insight, medical product development and commercialization experience to the Board.”

Dr. Harper brings over 35 years of research and healthcare industry experience to the table.  During his tenure at LifeCell, Dr. Harper oversaw the development of pivotal scientific and clinical data proving the utility of its regenerative products AlloDerm, Strattice, and GraftJacket.  He also led the introduction of Novadaq and SPY Elite technology to LifeCell for launching into the plastic surgery space. Currently, Dr. Harper is a Senior Medical Scientist at 3M – Medical Solutions Division, providing leadership over the company’s global technology and innovation outreach, as well as product portfolio strategy and execution. Prior to 3M’s recent acquisition of KCI, Dr. Harper led KCI’s Center for Advanced Research and Technology, as well served as Senior Vice President for Global Clinical and Regulatory Affairs.  Most recently as Chief Technology Officer at KCI, Dr. Harper was responsible for early stage innovation and technology development.  Dr. Harper received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and completed post-doctoral fellowships in cancer biochemistry and cell biology at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, CA and the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD. 

“I am joining Kent’s Board at a time when the need for advancing new technologies in all aspects of surgery and wound care at a cost-effective price point is critical. A number of years back, I took an interest in the imaging technology developed by the company, and am impressed by the progress to date and the direction Kent is taking. I am excited and honored to join the Board and this will provide me with the opportunity to lend my experience and expertise to further enhance growth of the organization” states Dr. Harper.

About Kent Imaging Inc.

Kent Imaging, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a leading developer of medical technology, who designs, manufactures and markets near infrared imaging technology for wound and surgical care. Kent holds multiple patents in medical technology and continues to provide innovative and advanced diagnostic imaging solutions to aid healthcare systems nationally and internationally. For more information about Kent Imaging, visit www.kentimaging.com.

Kent Imaging is honoured in Acquisition International’s (AI) annual Global Excellence Awards as the “Most Innovative Medical Imaging Technology Developer – Canada.”

AI is a UK-based international, monthly, digital business magazine dedicated to delivering vital updates to their corporate readers. The annual Business Excellence Awards winners are hand-picked by AI’s expert judges based on commitment to client service and excellence in their respective sectors. Tissue viability is a key factor in wound healing, and tissue oxygen levels are the best biomarker for predicting this. SnapshotNIR, utilizing near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) imaging, provides a comprehensive measure of the hemoglobin oxygen saturation of the microvascular bed within the capillaries. The clinically relevant oxygen data captured is then used to assess the wound and impact the treatment choices for better wound management. 


Kent Imaging Inc. announces a strategic partnership for sales of SnapshotNIR with MellingMedical

A CVE verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). MellingMedical currently serves more than 160 VA Medical Centers, 95 Department of Defence Medical Facilities and Health and Human Services (HHS), including Indian Health Services (IHS) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). MellingMedical has a well-established presence in the federal purchasing system, making available innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions, including wound care and diabetes management, to America’s veterans, military and other patients of federal health care facilities.

Kent Imaging Inc. receives US Federal Contractor Verified Vendor status.

Which will allow access for SnapshotNIR within US Federal Government contracts.

Kent Imaging Inc. announces a distribution agreement with LM Medical.

LM Medical will handle the sales distribution of Kent’s imaging technology, SnapshotNIR to wound care clinics and physicians in the St. Louis & Kansas City vicinity.

Kent Imaging Inc. and The Ametus Group (TAG) announce strategic distribution agreement.

TAG will distribute Kent’s imaging technology, SnapshotNIR, to wound care and reconstructive surgical throughout the western United States. SnapshotNIR provides immediate, real-time visualization of tissue oxygen saturation. Oxygen is the best biomarker for tissue viability – knowing this information can support treatment pathway decisions and improve patient outcomes.